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THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT GIVE CASE SPECIFIC LEGAL ADVICE: Whilst the information on this website has been prepared by experienced specialists in retailing, retail property and leasing, the owner is not an incorporated legal practice for general legal advice. Representation of your behalf before any Mediation or Tribunal is governed by the rules and laws of the relevant jurisdiction. For example, in NSW Tribunals, our representation on a lessee’s behalf at Mediation and NCAT is governed by a right under the NCAT and former Retail Leases Act (1994) and with leave to the NSW Courts. See also, Law Society v Spring [2007] NSWSC 1273 (Barr J). Other jurisdictions may differ. Engagement to represent you, say before a Tribunal, can only be by a Costs and Engagement Agreement relevant at the time and jurisdiction.

DIFFERENT LAWS AND CHANGES TO THE LAW: The law governing retail leasing is different in each state and territory of Australia and it regularly changes. Unless specifically addressed, it is not possible to advise on commercial terms and other consequnces of lease transactions with information from this website. 

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