“We got the lease we needed…”

“My wife and I owned a coffee shop in the city.  We needed help to solve our very serious problems with our landlord when they started to redevelop the property.  With all the noise, dust and workmen, the business was really suffering.  Aussie Retail Lease Management helped us negotiate a new deal so we could survive, relocate and eventually sell the business.”


C&E P / Sydney, NSW

“We felt helpless…”

“Our shop lease was coming up for renewal in an old shopping centre in Sydney’s north shore.  The landlord’s agent offered a new lease but was rude and inflexible when it came to discussing the new terms.  Stephen visited us and put together a case that ensured the business was able to continue whilst we evaluated alternative premises.  Eventually, the landlord came back and offered us a better deal to stay in the centre!”


“They knew the numbers…”

“Australian Retail Lease Management provided an expert witness and helped with a loss and damage report in a recent case we had against a former franchisee.  It never got to Court and we settled on what was in the report.”.
G and D H

“It was hard to see our neighbours suffer…”

Our neighbour’s entire business was under threat when her pleas for a rent reduction were ignored when centre changes affected everybody’s sales.  Retail Lease Management had anticipated this and had protected our business when they negotiated our lease renewal.  We didn’t go through the stress or hassles like our neighbours did.  We saved thousands.
LP / Blacktown, NSW

“I had everything at stake…”

“I was very nervous about approaching centre management with the problems we were having with a shop keeper next door affecting our trade.  Retail Lease Management acted on our behalf and solved it without me being involved at all.”.

“Inside information is what we didn’t have…”

“I didn’t realise that getting a lease renewed on fair terms was so easy with ARLM.  They had all the facts that showed my business type could only pay so much rent and we settled on those figures.” 
TPC / Sydney, NSW

“Amazing what a well written letter can do…”

“I couldn’t believe it. After 24 years, the landlord gave us a month’s notice and told us to strip back the shop to a bare shell for his new tenant. We knew nothing about it. If Stephen hadn’t intervened for us and negotiated a settlement, we would have lost our bank guarantee.
EMD / Mogo, NSW

“Mediation was the answer…”

“We thought we had no choice but to go to the Tribunal for compensation. We thought we had a good case, but we hadn’t followed the law by telling the landlord our problems in writing and probably would have failed. ARLM helped us with our mediation and we got some rent relief instead.”
PLM / Mosman, NSW

“Beware of shady landlords…”

My landlord locked me out of my shop when they wanted to expand the centre.  I was so shocked they could do this whilst we were in negotiations on new shop, but Aussie Retail Lease Management got us trading again and helped me with a claim for compensation.”

“It nearly turned into a nightmare…”

When we decided to move to Australia we bought a profitable business to expand but the landlord played very hard with us.  ARLM were able to prove up the trading figures and eventually we moved into better and cheaper premises down the road.  We now spend the rent savings on advertising and get much more business.
JLB, Gosford, NSW

“It was a close call…”

“We just wanted out. Our sales were terrible, we were thousands behind on our rent and the business was unsaleable. I wish I hadn’t even bought the business. ARLM told us our options and went onto deal with the landlord and other creditors on our behalf as we worked out an exit strategy or how to stop the losses. After 2 years, we turned the business around and sold it.”
John R / Mt. Annan, NSW

“It was easily the best money we ever spent…”

“ARLM saved our business. Without help, we would have lost everything because the local agent lied to us. Its easy to have 20/20 vision now, but we really should have had a retail lease expert go through the documents and not just accept what we were given. At the time, whenever it rained, we couldn’t open and it placed an enormous strain on our family.”

Mr & Mrs Z / Coffee shop owner, Mid North Coast, NSW